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Create Sacred Space

A Guide for Creating Supportive Conditions to Write:

Create a quiet, inviting, relaxing, and safe place; it doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate. Find a place where you can feel relaxed and grounded to access our authentic voice and to coax all the other stories out.



This is deep work, and we’ll move slowly and gently. Your body may have stories to tell that are hard to hear. Your body may also be carrying other people’s stories – both from your own genetic pool, and stories that were picked up along the way. That’s ok.



  • Writing technology of your choosing (notebook & pen, computer, phone etc.…)
  • A place where you can be undisturbed
  • A timer


Time Yourself:

Time is your friend. I recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes for each prompt. There’s a lot of science that shows that 20 minutes is a magic number when it comes to relaxing the nervous system, so consider these little relaxation breaks, or creative savasana. You don’t need to write on the same topic the entire time; you can let your mind wander. 


Pace Yourself:

If you are writing and you get an icky feeling, stop. Do not push through pain, or unsettling feelings; simply move on or take a break and allow the feelings to settle. Consider returning to one of the practices from parts 1 or 2 to settle the body and nervous system. Trust your inner compass—it will let you know when you’re moving in the right direction.   


Stay With Your Body

Stay close to your body as you write, notice sensations, and feelings. This is where the healing happens.


There’s no right way to write. You have already done the hard work of showing up, now relax into your supports and release. 

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