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Storytelling as a Healing Path for Trauma: A Conversation with Lisa Weinert, and Keenon James, Dir of Everytown Gun Safety Survivor's Network

As we look back on the significant moments of the year, one conversation stands out for its profound impact. Join us in revisiting this powerful conversation featuring  Lisa Weinert and Keenon James, the Director of Everytown's Survivor Network moderated by Susan McPherson, author of  The Lost Art of Connecting.

The Conversation:

In this deeply thought-provoking dialogue, Lisa Weinert and Keenon James explored the challenges faced by survivors of gun violence, focusing on the broader concepts of collective trauma, individual trauma, and the importance of self-care through storytelling.

Their discussion centers around an exploration of the nuances of trauma and how it impacts all of us, delving into its far-reaching effects on individuals, families, and communities. Keenon James shared personal stories that resonated deeply, illustrating the profound impact of gun violence on survivors. Guided by Lisa Weinert's expertise, the conversation allowed for a genuine and raw exploration of the emotional and psychological toll that collective trauma can inflict and the hope and healing we can provide each other.

Insights and Takeaways:

Key insights emerged throughout the conversation, offering a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by survivors and underscoring the importance of collective healing. Here are some noteworthy takeaways:

  • Empathy and Understanding: Keenon James emphasized the crucial role of empathy and understanding when dealing with trauma, highlighting the need for communities to unite in support and solidarity for those affected by gun violence.

  • Breaking the Stigma: The conversation addressed the stigma associated with trauma and mental health. Lisa Weinert and Keenon James stressed the significance of breaking down these barriers, fostering open conversations, and creating a supportive environment where survivors feel heard and validated.

  • The Power of Advocacy: Keenon James shared insights into the transformative power of advocacy in the healing process. Empowering survivors with a platform to share their stories and actively working towards change emerged as a significant aspect of individual and collective healing.

  • Building Resilience: The conversation explored the theme of resilience, with Keenon James celebrating the strength exhibited by survivors. Acknowledging and celebrating this resilience, communities were recognized as playing a crucial role in the healing journey.

This conversation offers a powerful exploration of the complexities of collective trauma and the resilience of survivors. It serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy, understanding, and advocacy in fostering healing within communities affected by gun violence. The key lesson is that we have the power to use writing as a tool for healing and driving change. Let's take the insights we've gained and actively contribute to making collective healing a reality, not just a possibility, To learn more about how you can support Everytown, please visit:

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