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Featuring Jillian Pransky

🌟 Thrilled to share this intimate and deep conversation with our dear friend and mentor Jillian Pransky, who has been an essential part of the Narrative Healing community since before it even existed. 

I'm honored to be featured in her podcast DEEP LISTENING. In this rich conversation, we dive deep into the foundational principles of Narrative Healing and the profound role of listening to connect and inspire.

In this enriching exchange, we explore:

  • Stories and the Nervous System: stories reside within our bodies, extensions of our nervous systems. Discover how learning to listen to the language and wisdom of our bodies during the healing process allows the awareness of our body to interrupt the one-way narrative in our minds that keeps us stuck.
  • Relaxation and Creativity: The concept that being creative is a result of the relaxation response.
  • Writing as a Therapeutic Practice: We talk about how to approach writing as a cyclical and ongoing practice, and how to use it as a tool for healing that brings us closer to one another.
  • Best Practices for Writing about Trauma and Challenging Emotions: When and how to write with care when approaching traumatic experiences, and what kinds of conditions are most healing.
  • Writing and Listening: The relationships between deep listening and accessing healing narratives within and also around you.

Grateful for this connection and the opportunity to share the transformative power of Narrative Healing. Dive into the conversation and join us on this incredible journey! 



PS. Excitingly, I will be leading a session titled "Using Your Personal Healing Story as a Teaching Tool" in Jillian's upcoming 108-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training starting on January 24, 2024!Link to register:




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